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Unique, fun, performance socks for active lifestyle fashion. 


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Catty Sock


Catty Sock


The Catty Sock is in a league of its own- well, along with the Bitty Sock and Cuddles Sock. If you need a distraction for a dog, this sock is for you. 

We are a family-run sock studio created and run by high school brothers (see our story!). We create amazing socks that are well-loved all around the world! Perfect for holiday gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, sports teams, or just to wear and enjoy. Flight socks are for women, men, teens, and children. We have one size - Long Crew - and it's approximately 16 inches long. Because this is a heel-less sock, it fits most - it really does. Young kids wear them as knee socks, older teens wear them to show off their style, and adults wear them as crew socks. This is a thin sock - thin means something different to everyone. For you hikers, it's not your heavyweight wool hiking socks. For the dancers, it's not a pair of tights, either. It's about the weight of a running sock. 

We have a six-step process to make each pair of socks. We strive for exceptionally high quality...however, this is a hand-made item and we make them one pair at a time. Due to the hand-printed nature of the sock, image may not be positioned exactly as shown, and there may be very subtle markings from the hand-made nature of the printed sock. As you would expect, the image on the sock stretches when put on the foot, ankle, and leg. 

We try hard to get your socks shipped within a few business days after your order is placed. Our default shipping option is USPS First Class. You may upgrade to USPS Priority Mail for orders within the USA. We cannot control shipping delivery times from USPS once the socks leave our studio....but they tend to arrive around USA within a few days of shipping. 

As you can see from our reviews, hundreds of customers love Flight socks and we have many repeat customers. While most love their socks, we do offer a 30-day return policy - as long as the sock is unworn / unwashed - for the occasional customer who has second thoughts. 

We work hard to provide excellent, unmatched customer service - we love socks, and we love the thought of thousands of people all over the world wearing fun, colorful, long-lasting socks.

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