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Unique, fun, performance socks for active lifestyle fashion. 


All about our sock shop, production process, customer reviews, etc... 

Our customers really seem to love socks - because we get some pretty great questions. We're sharing our answers because some of you out there may be the 'quiet type' - and we want you to have answers to all the questions you're thinking on for wisdom from the crew at Flight...

Q: I have a special design that I want - can you make it?

A: We are all about special designs. Your favorite nephew's face. Family vacation photos. Or an image of those cool nesting dolls from Russia. Your wish is our command. Check out the 'custom sock' option on our Shop page and follow the instructions.

Q: Can you design socks with a picture of [insert your favorite hobby / animal / celebrity / beach]?

A: Try us. We're kind of like sock DJs. We'll see if we can work magic for you. Send us a note and let us know what you'd like to see. We'll see what we can make happen. We've taken requests on golf socks, animal socks, math socks, Australia socks, and we're working on some more. 

Q: What are Flight socks made out of?

A: A super-stealthy blend of coconut shells and hair from the rare Alpine alpaca. Just kidding. Flight socks are synthetic...primarily Polyester. Besides comfort and durability, how the socks accept the print is the most important factor in the socks we source and use. And synthetic socks seem to do that the best. Our special ink and our special socks have gotten to be really close friends.

Q: Does the print on the sock feel kind of stiff or tacky - like screen printing?

A: We really - and we mean really - don't like anything that's stiff or tacky. Unless you're talking about salt water taffy. Our awesome printing and transfer process means that the ink actually bonds and fuses with the fibers in the sock - so when you pick up and put on a Flight sock - it just feels like a sock. You can't feel  the printing on it. 

Q: How are your socks sized?

A: We have one size -  Long Crew - and it's a really great size. They are well-loved by adults, teens, and kids. Unless you're an unusually large-footed child, or unusually small-footed adult (we have both in our family, by the way!), assume that this sock is going to work for everyone. It's a heel-less sock, and so how far it extends up your leg just depends on the size of your foot. The Long Crew sock is ~16" x 3.375" - so find a pair of socks you have at home, measure them, and then kind of guess how long a Long Crew Flight sock will extend up your leg. 

Q: Are your socks thin or thick?

A: Wait a second, are you saying we look fat? No - that's not what you're saying. Flight Socks are pretty thin - picture a thin running sock or something you'd wear with a suit. That said, they are pretty tough socks. Check out our blog for a little discourse on how long they last, and how they look after 15+ washings. 

Q: Will the image on my sock fade over time?

A: That's like asking whether a mother's love for her child fades over time. Well, okay, maybe not. But the reality is that the print fades very, very, very little over time. Your Flight sock will likely wear out completely - or disappear into the sock 'black hole' (laundry-washing-people - you know what we mean!) - before the print fades off dramatically. Of course, if you soak it in a gallon of bleach...well, brother, you're out of luck. That image is definitely going to fade. Check out our blog post on this topic - complete with actual photos. 

Q: What does the image look like once I put the sock on my foot? Does the image stretch out so much it's hard to see what it is?

A: We have some rather large-footed individuals in our circle of friends and family. Size 13. Size 14. But the image never really stretches so much that you can't tell what it is. If you're a large-footed, or thick-footed person, true - the sock will stretch a bit. And what might have been a cute little kitty face might feel like a wider kitty face. Our top-secret production process works to minimize the amount an image fades as the sock stretches onto the foot. But, just by nature of it being a sock with an image printed on it, the image will stretch out along with the sock. 

Q: Why is there a faint white line along the side of my sock?

A: Okay, now you're forcing us to reveal the secret sauce of Flight sock production! Stay with us here - you've asked a great question, and we're going to give you some straight talk. One thing we care about is not just how the sock looks on the website or when you first hold it in your hand, but what it looks like when you stretch it onto your foot. We need to make sure the image doesn't fade dramatically as soon as you stretch the sock to put it on your foot. Which means we have a special process to stretch the sock, while it's being printed, to mimic the stretch of your foot. Because of that process, as we print each side of the sock, there is a very thin line that doesn't receive ink. Hence the white line. Somewhat surprisingly to us, we've never had a negative comment from a customer about this line - so maybe it only exists in our heads. 

Q: Can you tell us more about your company? You seem kind of mysterious. Are you part of the Government?

A: We are not aware (yet) of any secret Government-run sock divisions. And while we're sort of flattered we come across as mysterious - we're really pretty normal. In fact, we're two brothers - in high school - who wanted to start a business. We love socks. And we especially like unique socks. So we spent the better part of six months figuring out how to make amazing, unique socks that would hold up and look really, really great. Launching and growing Flight has been an amazing experience and we're learning a ton. And we love hearing from our customers who love Flight socks. 

Q: Do you offer a discount on volume orders? 

A: While we, like Justin Bieber, can never say never - discounts are not on the horizon. The reality is that Flight socks are not cheap to produce, and the profit we make is pretty slim. Just to give you an idea, just the cost of ink to print one pair of socks makes up nearly 50% of the price of the sock. Add in all the rest - and there's not much room to shed.