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Provo, Utah

Unique, fun, performance socks for active lifestyle fashion. 


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There's a lot of room in this sock tent

Flight Team

It's safe for us to admit that, when we started Flight, we had only a partial idea of just how big the world of socks is. We were inspired by a couple of companies that were producing custom Nike Elite socks - but we weren't really thinking about the typical Nike 'baller' as our audience. In fact, when we started selling via Etsy - and not just our own site - we thought Etsy would be a safe place to sell Flight socks. Meaning, there wouldn't be a lot of 'noise' from the Nike Elite sock crowd. We were really wrong - there is no shortage of custom Nike Elites on Etsy, and they seem to sell very well. Not only do they sell well, but we were surprised at what types of designs sell well on Etsy. Pretty much the flashiest, and in some cases 'ugliest', Elite socks sell. This was counterintuitive to us - since when you look at what is highlighted on Etsy, there's usually a very flowy, airy feel to it all. But when we look at our stats on Etsy, we're finding our most popular socks are NOT the ones we would expect - pizza, cheeseburgers, fruit loops - all the kind of quirky, funky sock designs - not necessarily the pretty, calming, neutral socks that we listed expecting them to do well.