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Provo, Utah

Unique, fun, performance socks for active lifestyle fashion. 


We started Flight Apparel in late 2013 and have been shipping Flight socks all over the world ever since. Started by two brothers. Run, brother, run. 

We live and work in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Tall mountains, cool rivers, and a sky that seems to go on forever. Rock climbers. Runners. Backpackers. Skiers. Families. College Students. And lots of kids. 

In early Summer 2013, at the end of a great year in high school, we set out to start a sock company. We knew we wanted to take vibrant, awesome photos and designs - and get them onto socks in a way where they wouldn't fade. We spent six months testing out all types and materials of socks, creating images and designs, perfecting the creation process, and finally in late Fall 2013 launched Flight Apparel. We immediately got great feedback from customers around the USA. People were really loving the designs, but at that point we only were selling ankle-length socks. Customers really wanted to see a calf sock. So, we worked across several sources and found a great, thin calf sock that took to our printing and production process perfectly. 

There is some secret sauce in our socks...the way we stretch and hold the sock while we print is unique, the way we print, the time and settings for the heating and pressing process. We spent a lot of time experimenting with different materials - paper, wood, aluminum, steel, polymers - to find the right sock sleeve that could handle the heat and pressure of our production process. We fabricate each sleeve - hand-filing and hand-sanding each form. We also take great care in ensuring the designs we use really work well with the vertical orientation of a sock. And we custom-print and inspect each pair of socks - to make sure the image is bright, consistent, and has 100% coverage on the sock. 

We've found a great recipe for producing colorful, long-lasting socks that people love.

Happy shopping & let us know what you think.

-Seth & Benjamin Doyle